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Karina Kokina

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Due to the fact that ransomware is a highly profitable business, the FBI has issued a warning to all companies and local governments to be alert to the possibility of further attacks and ramifications as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate.

Ransomware is a sort of malware from the cryptovirology field that threatens to disclose the victim’s personal data or to block access to it indefinitely unless a ransom is paid in exchange for access to the data. While some ransomware may just lock the system without affecting any data, more complex virus use a technique known as cryptoviral extortion to encrypt and lock the system.

Over the course of two hours, attendees will hear an update from the CISA’s Executive Assistant Director of Cybersecurity, followed by a panel of senior experts who will discuss the impact of national and international political and legislative responses to ransomware attacks on their organizations.

Join this cybersecurity conference to:

  • Gain a 101 overview of what law enforcement are doing and how they help in the battle against ransomware
  • Determine what information law enforcement need and when to reach out
  • Assess the differing national and international efforts being constructed to deter ransomware attacks
  • Explore when, how and why to report attacks
  • Determine how to tackle global regulatory change in multiple jurisdictions
  • Debate whether payments should be made illegal

Privacy Enhancing Technology Summit Europe 2022

Data-driven initiatives have challenges due to privacy, security, and regulatory limits. This covers activities including the processing, access, monetization, buying, selling, sharing, aggregation, or analysis of sensitive data.

Many diverse sectors are deploying Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to harness the power of sensitive data for these activities. Financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, government agencies, and many more industries benefit. The conference will discuss ways to make previously difficult initiatives using sensitive data practical!

The conference also focuses on risk mitigation. It focuses on ways to prevent the possibility of data breaches or abuse – even by third parties – when data is exported, decentralized, or relocated to the cloud.

However, there are a variety of PETs that can address these issues. Choosing the correct PETs for your requirements and integrating them into your business is not always easy.

The Second Privacy-Enhancing Technology Summit Europe presents and walks you through the many sorts of PETs so that you can:

  • Make full use of sensitive or restricted data to achieve strategic goals.
  • Improve data security such that data breaches never occur, regardless of where the data is handled.
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with various and growing data rules pertaining to PII.

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