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Karina Kokina

Isits AG

The Escar conference began in 2003 in Germany, and owing to its continued success, the conference is now held globally — in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Isits AG, the event’s originator, and organizer were regularly backed by its event partner ESCRYPT. Furthermore, the conference attracts a growing number of registrants each year. Attendees and exhibitors enjoy informative conference days, intriguing speakers, and excellent networking opportunities.

Every year, escar demonstrates that it is one of the world’s premier Automotive Cyber Security conferences! escar’s ultimate mission and objective are to create a venue for collaboration among the commercial sector, academia, and government on current in-vehicle Cyber Security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation/countermeasures.

Escar addresses additional automobile security challenges, such as electronic theft protection and 777 bet online digital business models, in addition to cyber security. Internationally renowned speakers share cutting-edge information and spark lively debate. Its program includes talks on security in the automotive life cycle, security technologies for automotive components and networks, future security technologies with automotive applications, proofs-of-concept and architectures for the security of automotive systems and subsystems, security analysis, and other topics such as usability design, legal aspects, privacy and data protection, security for other modes of transportation such as railway or aerospace, and many more.

Isits AG Events in 2022 - 2023

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United States | Michigan, Detroit
June 15, 2022