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The Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) and the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) announced their merger on May 31, 2018.

The merger brought together two non-profits with similar missions: professional development and collaborative forums for the federal government, academia, and business to discover, discuss, and address emerging technological concerns.

Michelle Barr, HUD; Walter Bigelow, ATF; Adriane Burton, HSRC; Rolando Estrada, DHA; Denise Hill, DOE; Luwanda Jones, VA; Robert Lahmann, SEC; Carlo Lucchesi, FBI; Darryl Peek, DHS; Chad Sheridan, USDA RMA; John Sprague, NASA; and Natasha Varlack, USDA AMS were among the GITEC board members who voted to merge with

GITEC Conference 2022

The workforce of today is drastically different from that of May 2019.

Since the Pandemic began in March 2020, the workforce has had to swiftly transition to a remote and hybrid workforce. Emerging technologies are progressing at a quicker rate than they have in the past, especially because the workforce has shifted to a telework environment.

Experts will address 777 bet online and developing technologies that are generating genuine change and innovation in the public sector during this panel discussion. Experts on the topic will explore the Federal workforce’s future and the coming technology that will help it get there. How has the federal workforce been reskilled as a result of the transition to telework? What 777 bet online technology have aided this process of reskilling?

One of the issues that will be covered during the event is this. If you’re interested, you may register on the event’s website.

Recovery at Scale: Rapid, Reliable Recovery from Cyber-Attacks and Other Outages 2022

Cyber-attacks and other calamities are a persistent threat to government entities’ IT operations. The magnitude of the harm caused by these outages varies, but each hour of downtime puts crucial data and IT investments at risk. Preparing for a possible calamity may seem excessive, but planning ahead and developing a response strategy may make all the difference. After a disaster, a reliable contemporary data security solution allows agencies to quickly recover access to essential systems and IT infrastructure.

Topic experts will discuss how agencies can make every second count when recovering from an outage at this session. What tools and best practices do they recommend? Are there any obstacles that should be expected, and if so, what are the best ways for dealing with them? Our experts will address these and other topics as they delve into the significance, advantages, and actions involved in monitoring, designing, and implementing effective data protection measures.

Dynatrace Federal Breakfast Summit: Improving the User Experience in a Zero Trust World

Agencies are under growing pressure to guarantee that only the appropriate people and devices have access to apps and systems while also offering a favourable user experience.

A zero-trust design provides a high level of security, but how does it effect the user experience? Join agency and industry thought leaders as they discuss how their companies are strengthening security processes to decrease risk and provide a good zero-trust experience for their users.

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United States | Virginia, Ashburn
January 18, 2022

United States | Maryland, Annapolis
May 1, 2022

United States | Virginia, Ashburn
April 21, 2022

United States | Maryland, Washington DC
May 11, 2022